Porky! AKA Flat Bread Melt

Friday, February 5, 2010

Alright everyone I know I have been out of commission for a little bit now. But my life has finally decided to calm down a little bit. Today I'm posting the recipe for my "porky" as my quirky husband calls them. I came up with this after an experience with Frozen entree's. One day I was grocery shopping in my local smith's and I meandered over into the frozen food aisle. As I peered into the frosty glass doors I saw a couple microwavable dishes that looked super good. One Brand (who name I forget at the moment) had microwavable panini's and flatbread melts. First off as soon as I saw the word panini that door swung wind open... I love those things. So I looked at the two boxes trying to decide which one to get since I was running late and wouldn't have time to make anything for lunch before I headed to another meeting. I decided to get both of them so I could decide later. I had the Panini for lunch and a couple days later I had the flatbread melt. The melt was... ok... it lacked something and wasn't anything I would every buy again unless I was running late again. But the next day while I was at Costco (my all time favorite grocery store!) I was trying the various samples and they had some flavored hummus with Pita bread on sale. After trying a few flavors and savoring the yummy bread I bought some and headed home. While trying to decide what to make for dinner it hit me... hey, this pita bread is practically the same bread that was used in that melt I had the other day. So I whipped out a package of pork chops and diced the meat and searched my fridge for anything else that would go good. It took about five minutes to make and has become a quick favorite of my family and friends. The recipe is posted below, I hope you enjoy!

To start off heres what you will need for 2 servings:
2 pieces of Pita Bread
1 lean pork chop
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese ( add more of less as needed)
chives (optional)
1/4 cup chopped spinach
seasoning of choice
cooking spray

Lets get started!
  1. Start by removing any fat and then chopping your pork chop into bite size hunks. Season to taste.
  2. Chop spinach and set aside.
  3. Heat skillet on Medium heat and cook pork chop.
  4. When fully cooked add spinach. Remove pork and spinach from heat and clean skillet for reuse.
  5. Coat pan with cooking spray or butter. Place pita bread in microwave for 30 sec while skillets heats up. Place warmed bread in skillet, after 30 seconds flip.
  6. Cover the bread with cheese and add chicken and spinach to half of bread.
  7. Fold bread in half over meat and press down with spatula. Flip and press down with spatula again until cheese is fully melted.


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