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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alright world, heres what you've all been waiting for!
The newest,
Most Fantabulous Cooking Blog around!
Introducing (drum roll please) YumEase!
Where making food becomes as easy as Eating it!
Because who doesn't love to eat, but hates the hassle of trying to find recipes, buying cook books, and trying not to burn down the house!
We've all been there, in that humdrum zone of life where eating out has consumed because cooking is just to time consuming, messy, or hard. Well YumEase is here to help. With our ever growing recipe archive you'll find it easier than ever to cook simple, quick and easy meals the whole family can enjoy.

If your a parent, Im sure you have tired of the never ending "eat your Veggies" war... Well we have a lot of kid friendly meals that your kids will be begging you to make after they try it. The best part is... Every meal is packed with veggies and they don'e even know it!
Another cool Idea is to get your kids helping you in kitchen. You know, simple meals and snacks that don't require much time or effort on your part but will keep the kiddos entertained and full.

Our Archives will also include Ethnic foods from all over the world. feel free to add your great grand mothers authentic Irish dish or your Peruvian dessert you made for you Latin American History Class! There's nothing better than being able to go back to your roots from time to time and try something from your homeland.

We all know that the fight to get fit is upon us... and for a lot of us... its kicking our butts! Although some of our recipes are deliciously sinful when it comes to keeping our new years resolutions... Some are designed specifically to keep you in check. And no one said you have to sacrifices taste to get healthy! We will show you how to create a tasty dish that will keep your taste buds tingling without all the extra calories.

Alright everyone, those are the basics about YumEase. Cant wait to get all the good recipes on here for you guys to try! And thats not all... in the up coming months we will be creating an official website where you can watch webcasts and read about food news and much much more.

Ok thats enough for now. You know what they say... Always leave em' wanting more.
So signing out for now.
And remember, who says you cant cook? With YumEase making Yummies are Easy!


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